Lottie Moon Week of Prayer

December 5, 2017 chadsummers Blog

Join us here each day as we pray for people groups and their missionaries around the world.

Day 7 – WORLDWIDE – What God Has Done

Dilara’s* heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she found the building. She had seen it in a dream—Jesus had picked her up from her bed one night and led her there through the streets of her Central Asian town. In the dream, He had asked her if she was ready to believe, and she’d seen three men standing in the front of the church. When she found the building a few weeks later and walked inside, she was greeted by one of those men. Today, she’s a believer.

Day 6 – LONDON – The Mikeska Family

At Shane and Lindsay Mikeska’s house in London, Christmas tradition is anything but traditional. Holiday after holiday, the world converges in their kitchen.

Day 5 – WORLDWIDE – The Forgotten Refugee

Don Alan* says he remembers a refugee telling him once that he didn’t feel alive, but he wasn’t dead either—he was somewhere in between. Today our prayer is for those who work with refugees around the world…forgotten people not forgotten by God. People without a home, but not without a Maker.

Day 4 – MEXICO – Mexico City Team

When you’re a team of 12, how do you even start to reach a city of more than 28 million people? That’s a question Todd Beel’s team in Mexico City asks itself a lot.

Day 3 – JAPAN – The Jones Family

Jared and Tara Jones knew that God could do a lot with something little. But they never imagined just how many doors He would open through their infant son, whose adoption people had told them was almost impossible in Japan.

Day 2 – RUSSIA – Muslims of Russia

Islam is part of the fabric of old Russia—it made it there 66 years before Christianity did. As a result, Muslim groups are indigenous to the North Caucasus region, an area between the Black and Caspian Seas situated on northern slopes of the mountain range that generally separates Europe from Asia.

Day 1 – NEPAL – The Bagby Family

Getting to the 28 people groups in the mountains of Nepal takes a journey of weeks by car, plane, and trekking on foot—and that’s if everything goes just right.


















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