Baptism Videos

9/22/13 Baptism (10:45) - Reece Willoughby and Ansley Cross were baptized by Blake Kersey.  Anna Leigh Cole was baptized by Jeff Gardner.

9/15/13 Baptism (10:45) - Brooke Hollingsworth was baptized by Tyler Core, and Haley Hollingsworth was baptized by Jeff Gardner.

8/25/13 Baptism (10:45) - Lillie Floyd and Lindsey Floyd were baptized by Blake Kersey.

8/18/13 Baptism (10:45) - Janice Cranford was baptized by Pastor Buddy, and Mary Grace Laborde was baptized by Tyler Core.

7/21/13 Baptism (10:45) - Anna Hodges was baptized by her grandfather; Bragan Long, Daniel Reeves and Will Cochran were baptized by Jonathan Freeman, and Anna Cochran was baptized by Tyler Core

7/21/13 Baptism (9:15) - Jim, Amy, Brooke and Clara Nielson were baptized by Pastor Buddy

7/14/13 Baptism at 10:45 AM

7/14/13 Baptism - Rachel & Matt Dickey were baptized by Pastor Buddy Champion

6/30/13 Baptism - Shelbe Sutherland was baptized by Jeff Gardner

6/16/13 Baptism - Max Pate was baptized by Lance Pate

6/02/13 Baptism - Kaylee Walker was baptized by Blake Kersey

5/19/13 Baptism - Chase Harland was baptized by Blake Kersey

5/12/13 Baptism - Will Owens, Ann Claire Bryant, Jacob Bishiop and Will Bishop were baptized by Blake Kersey


5/05/13 Baptism - Jack Simpson was baptized by Bobby Erwin

4/21/13 Baptism - Sarah Senft was baptized by Dr. Blake Kersey

3/31/13 Baptism (Easter Sunday) - Aubrey Russell and Morgan McMillan

3/17/13 Baptism - Amelia Bright, Jack Erwin and Heather Moody


2/24/13 Baptism - Brad Battle

2/17/13 Baptism - Tony Anthony, Grey McManic and Lauren Manscill


1/27/13 Baptism - Callie Shields and Hudson Bates

12/30/12 Baptism - Barrett Willingham

12/23/12 Baptism - Gavin Armstrong, Bella Sahagun and Walker Sahagun