April 19, 2016 chadsummers Blog

In the year 2021, First Baptist Church Trussville will be 200 years old. What an amazing accomplishment!  But growing old gracefully and quietly isn’t our plan.  Instead, we want to ramp up our vision and prepare for the next chapter God has in the life of His church here in Trussville, Alabama.

With that thought in mind, we are beginning an emphasis we’re simply calling “2021.” And for the next few weeks, Pastor Buddy is sharing a glimpse of this vision with us on Sunday mornings. The focus?  Six areas where we want to be fully invested as a church in the year 2021, so that FBC Trussville continues to be a light in this world for Jesus Christ.

Sunday, April 17, Pastor Buddy shared the first part of this vision with us:

Sunday, April 24, Pastor Buddy shared the second part of the 2021 vision with us, centering  in the area of evangelism, which we’re calling…

Sunday, May 1, we looked at the importance of small groups to our church’s vision and purpose in the year 2021.

Sunday, May 8, we saw the importance of Missions to our church not just today, but in the decades and centuries to come.

Sunday, May 15, Pastor Buddy shared why it’s so important that our facilities be what they need to be by 2021.

Sunday, May 22, we looked at our final pillar in the 2021 emphasis: Giving. How we give tells much about who we are, and we as a church want to remain faithful in this area. In this final segment, Pastor Buddy explains the importance of giving to where we want to be in the year 2021.

Watch for future installments here as we begin thinking, preparing, and praying about what God has in store for First Baptist Church Trussville in our next 200 years.