Advent - Love, Day 1

December 10, 2018 chadsummers Blog

Monday, December 10, 2018

“They refused to obey and did not remember the miracles you had done for them. Instead, they became stubborn and appointed a leader to take them back to their slavery in Egypt. But you are a God of forgiveness, gracious and merciful, slow to become angry, and rich in unfailing love. You did not abandon them,” Nehemiah 9:17

The nation of Israel had been released from captivity to return to their homeland. Under the leadership of Nehemiah, they rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem. At the completion, they came together to confess their sins and renew their relationship with God. As the people of God, they realized their sin had brought them destruction and bondage. Nothing but the unmerited love of God could rescue and restore them. We are like the people of Israel. Our sin brings devastation and captivity to our lives. Yet God, in His great love sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue and redeem us. Our sin causes us to feel unworthy and to distance ourselves from God. However, rather than run from God, this is the time we should draw near to Him. We should confess our sins and trust in the character of our God. He is forgiving and ready to offer us complete pardon. In His righteousness, He extends to us grace and compassion. He is slow to breathe His wrath on us and full of merciful love. If you are in a captive mindset that says you’re too bad, too far gone, too battered or too broken to be forgiven – hear the last words of Nehemiah 9:17, He has not abandoned you! He offers you a love like no other. A love that He left heaven, came to earth, died to reconcile you, and rose from the dead to conquer all death. He is ready, waiting to extend grace to you; to offer you pardon and freedom. Come to Jesus, accept His gracious love. Like the nation of Israel, confess and rebuild.

Father, allow me to confess my sin, accept Your forgiveness, and rest in knowing You have not abandoned me.

Contributed by Keith & Ginger Cornelius