Advent - Love, Day 3

December 12, 2018 chadsummers Blog

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

“I will declare that your love stands firm forever, that you have established your faithfulness in heaven itself.” Psalm 89:2

“Some things never change.” We hear this phrase often, and some of it may be true. Nevertheless, we know that things around us change constantly. The grass withers, cement sidewalks crack, hair turns gray, and kids grow up. However, as Christians, it’s true that one thing never changes: God’s love.

The writer of Psalm 89:2 had a firm grip on this truth. His heart was persuaded and convinced that this fact is affirmed and indisputable meaning no one can argue it.

As Children of God, we can be sure that the Lord has built a strong foundation in Heaven, the place where his people will have eternal refuge, where Jesus himself will be forever glorified.

On earth, seasons change, natural disasters destroy, and the foundation is unsure. So God chose Heaven- where the foundation is unshakeable- to establish His love and faithfulness. We can be sure that even when our circumstances change, when things are difficult, if we experience loss, or when our world begins to shift, God’s love never will. His faithfulness endures forever. His love cannot be moved.

Thank you, God, for the firm foundation of your love. We know that your Son sits at your right hand and you have established love and faithfulness in Heaven for those who know Him. When we feel shaken by the unsure foundation of this earth, or worried about our circumstances, help us focus on the promise of eternity with you, thanks to the salvation we have through Jesus Christ.

Contributed by Shayna Swann