January 6, 2020 chadsummers Blog


For a complete list of who is where, click here.



Friday, January 17
6:00pm – Check In (Supper [for purchase] from Eugene’s Hot Chicken, City Bowls & Pazzo’s Pizza food trucks will be here during check-in!)
7:10pm – Doors Open
7:15pm – Session 1
9:15pm – Home Small Groups
12:00pm – Lights Out!

Saturday, January 18
7:30am – Wake Up!
8:15am – Breakfast In Homes
9:30am – Session 2
11:00am – Small Group Time
11:45am – High School Lunch (A200)
11:55am – Middle School Lunch (CB-00)
1:00pm – Activities*

*Activities Schedule
• 6th-8th – Trussville PlayStation (roller skating): 1:00-3:00pm
• 9th – Steel City Jump Park: 1:00pm
• 10th – Steel City Jump Park: 2:15pm
• 11th – Steel City Jump Park: 3:15pm
• 12th – Top Golf: 1:00-3:00pm

3:30pm – Free Time In Homes
5:45pm – Dinner For Middle School (Gym)
6:00pm – Dinner for High School (Gym)
7:00pm – Session 3
9:00pm – Home Small Groups
11:00pm – Clean Up Houses
12:00pm – Lights Out!

Sunday, January 19
7:00am – Wake Up!
9:15am – Drop off Luggage (SS Rooms)
9:30am – Breakfast/Group Picture (Gym)
10:45am – Contemporary Worship Service
12:00pm – Dismiss

DNOW Rules

The purpose of DNOW is to create an opportunity to see God clearly and grow deeper in faith.  There are always opportunities to distract from that purpose.  The following rules are in place to limit distractions and create an environment where the most growth & the most fun can happen simultaneously.

Failure to follow these rules may result in an end to the student’s DNOW experience.

  • No leaving host home (by vehicle or by foot) OR (This is Rule #1)
  • LEADER will take up any car keys of students that drive to the host home.
  • NO PRANKS WHATSOEVER…..towards others, towards other homes, towards strangers (prank calls, etc). PRANKS WILL GET YOU SENT HOME!
  • Respect your group, your leaders, your host home, & your peers.
  • Participate wholeheartedly in worship, Bible Study, fellowship, & fun!
  • Cell Phones:  Keep these at home or in your bag throughout the weekend.  NO Social Media, Texting, Internet Surfing, Movie Watching, etc. If you are found in violation, your phone will be taken for the weekend. We want you to be as free of distraction as possible.
  • Bedtime:  We can’t force you to close your eyes & go to sleep, but at the designated lights out – you need to be where you are going to sleep and know that lights will be going off.
  • No Profanity
  • No knives or firearms.
  • No Alcohol, Tobacco, Vapor Products, or Drugs. If you are found with any tobacco, nicotine, vapor products, alcohol, and the like, you WILL be sent home.
  • Clothing worn at DNOW should be modest and appropriate (length, word appropriate).
  • When riding in a group leader’s car or a church vehicle, every student must have a seat belt and it must be worn.   
  • There may be rules we didn’t list…..but just because something isn’t written out doesn’t mean it’s fair game.  If you don’t think you should do it, you probably shouldn’t.



Check In

Friday nightJanuary 17th, at 6:00pm at First Baptist Trussville Welcome Desk.

PLEASE LABEL your NAME on ALL luggage, plastic bags, backpacks, etc!

(Supper for purchase from food trucks will be available upon check in.)

What to Bring

• Bible & Pen

• Snacks (sweet & salty) to Share

• Bath Towel (you will be showering!)

• Pillow, Sleeping Bag or Inflatable Mattress & Sheets

• Appropriate Clothes for the weather

• Pajamas

• Toiletries

You will get a special DNOW t-shirt to wear on Sunday morning!

Can Students Drive?

NO!  We will have sufficient transportation to carry each student. Please have students that can drive leave their vehicles at the church. Students have been able to drive in the past, but due to liability reasons, we are ONLY allowing our college leaders and parents to drive.