ZOOM Helps

March 24, 2020 chadsummers Blog

Zoom is a great…and free…tool for hosting video conferences, allowing small groups to meet and connect online!

Some have downloaded the program and are using it without any issues. Others have expressed having a little trouble. We want to help!

Here’s what you need to know:

1. For some reason it doesn’t work well with the web browser, Microsoft Explorer. If Explorer is your chosen browser, you may want to try another. They’re all free to download and use! Here are a few others you can try:

Google Chromedownload

There are plenty more…do a search for yourself. But these are trusty options you should have success with.

2. Be sure to update your browser. Regardless of which browser you use, having the latest version installed always helps you avoid issues with ZOOM, or any application.

3. Remember, this is a free app! You can invite up to 50 people for a meeting lasting up to 40 minutes. There is an option to pay for the app and allow more people to join and spend more time together, but for most classes, 50 users is plenty, especially if it is a couples’ class. They can slide in together and take part! And 40 minutes is close to the actual teaching time that takes place on Sundays!

4. Your class members have to set up an account as well in order to join your meeting. It’s free, but maybe scary for some. Once you’ve set yours up, helping them do the same should be a snap!

How do I use ZOOM?

1. How do I set up an account and get started with ZOOM? Here’s how to sign up. All you need is an email address or a Google or Facebook account

2. How do I sign in? This article walks you through using your account.

3. How do I host a meeting? This article helps you set up your meeting. It’s short, simple, and sweet!

4. Once I’ve set up my account, how do I join a meeting? This article helps you with that. There’s even a short video (about a minute long) that walks you through the steps.

Was this helpful? Or, if you’re currently using ZOOM, and would be willing to help others as a resource, will you let us know? Contact us at info@fbctrussville.org.