Five Ways To Watch!

April 8, 2020 chadsummers Blog

You’re invited to join us online for Sunday and Midweek services (and a few other special along the way). There are five ways to watch.

Click the logo or site name below and we’ll help you get there!


Access every live streamed event
here, plus listening guides and other
helpful links. You can find it at
Facebook Live
Services are streamed here as well,
with the ability to interact with
other FBCT family members! Just go
to Facebook and search “FBC Trussville.”
Easy access to listening guides
and streamed video of services,
but be sure to type “www.” before
YouTube Live
Our newest way to tune in, and the
easiest way to watch on your Smart TV,
Roku, or other online device. Simply open
YouTube and search “FBC Trussville.”

  HuskyFast Network
This is an app you’ll need to add to your
smart phone or computer. It works
great once you do so!


How do I watch on my TV?

You can do it one of a few ways:

1. If you have a Smart TV, it will have a browser built in (that lets you get online). Navigate to any of the first four web locations shown above. Or, most Smart TV’s have apps already built in, and if the YouTube app is one of your apps, you can search “FBC Trussville”. Select it, and you’re on your way!


2. If you have a device like an Amazon Fire stick, it has a browser built in as well, and you can navigate to any of the first four web locations shown above. It also has the YouTube app and they can watch our channel.


These are the ends of an HDMI or a micro-HDMI cable.

3. Depending on your computer connection, you can hook an HDMI cable from the computer to the TV and mirror the picture from your computer to your TV. Perhaps you’ve done this in the past to show photos from your computer on your TV screen. Pulling up the live stream and showing it on your TV (from your laptop) works much the same way. Simply connect your laptop to your TV, then change your input to the HDMI connection you’re plugged into, and you should see what’s on your computer screen on your television.

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Having trouble watching today's broadcast?
If you're having issues at this location, try these alternatives:

Facebook Live

Clicking either of the above links will take you where you need to go!