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Sunday, November 10, 2019
Romans 6:11-14
Handle With Care

We’re continuing our ongoing Sunday morning message series examining our culture as it relates to God’s Word. What is accepted as “normal” today often contradicts what scripture outlines as acceptable in His sight, and we are looking at a few of these issues to see how our lives line up with Him.

In this message Pastor Buddy addresess God’s intentions for sexual intimacy. These days, when it comes to sexuality, it seem almost anything goes. After all, sexuality is a form of self expression, and is not only to be accepted, but applauded. But God’s Word has a very different set of directives align our lives up with His will. Please be in prayer for Pastor Buddy as he shares from the Word this Sunday, and in the weeks to come. After all, it’s important. It’s our lives. We should “Handle With Care.”

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