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Sunday, July 1, 2018
Let’s Go Home
10 Keys to the Good Life
The 5th Commandment: Honor your Father and Mother

Sundays this summer we’re studying the 10 Commandments in a series we’re calling 10 Keys to the Good Life. Our salvation is found in Christ alone, but keeping these standards for living are a great thing when it comes to living a life in harmony with God.

As we continue our summer message series, this Sunday we’ll look at the 5th commandment. It’s very telling that God considered honoring our fathers and mothers important enough to include it in the 10 Commandments. In short, of the list of things He wanted to make sure His people practiced, a full 10 PERCENT dealt with taking care of, respecting, and honoring their parents! Join us Sunday as we continue this powerful series, dealing this week with giving what’s due to mom and dad.

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