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Sunday, October 13, 2019
Psalm 139:13-16
Handle With Care

Life is filled with delicate issues. We’re given one life to live, and it’s not a game. To live the Christian life often means going against the grain in a culture that often seems to oppose the things of God. With this in mind, the lives we lead and the decisions we make should be handled carefully.

This Sunday, October 13 we’re going to begin a new series in God’s Word, seeing what the Bible says about things taking place in our culture today, and how we’re living our lives in response. In the coming weeks we’ll consider the sanctity of life, alcohol, anxiety, pornography, and what we allow into our homes. God’s Word has some directives for us that may or may not contradict how we’re living. Please be in prayer for this study, and for our Pastor as he shares from the Bible regarding these issues. After all, it’s important. Our lives are something we need to value, and Handle With Care.

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