Camp Ocoee - Thursday AM

AUTHOR: Student Ministry
CHANNEL: Student Ministry

We had an awesome rest of Day 2 yesterday! We love seeing what God is doing in the lives of these students.

Worship Session #3 was powerful. Jamey spoke about the things we label ourselves, and allow others to label us. There are so many positive things that can define a person: student, athlete, artist, kind, smart, friendly. And there are so many negative things that can define a person: outcast, loser, loner, lazy, pathetic, worthless. We all have encountered both positive and negative labels that we fully believe about ourselves. And a lot of the time, it has a huge effect on how we go about our lives.

But Jamey used an analogy that hit home. He said that we can choose to look at the labels that are attached to us, or we can Check Our Tag. Meaning, we can check the original label for the garment we clothe ourselves with and find out its Maker. Who made the garment in the first place? To whom does the garment belong? That’s the label that matters! We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works (Eph. 2:10). And because He made us, He loves us so deeply the way He created us! We have to combat the lies of our labels with truth from His Word. We are praying this message leads to powerful conversations that draw people closer to Him and a desire for His truth.

After worship, we had ‘Merica night! We had some American-themed trivia (did you know the Empire State Building has its own zip code?) and an American-themed round of Organized Mass Chaos (there were kids being carried around and flapping wings like an eagle at one point). It was crazy, it was fun, it was crazy fun!

We are awake this morning and getting ready for another day of camp! It’s gorgeous weather today; the sun is shining so perfectly on the mountains around us. Good thing, because we have another full day of activities! We also have Senior Citizen Night this evening; we can’t wait to see students’ creativity shine!

Pray for our students to lean into what the Lord is speaking to them, and pray for our leaders to continually renew their strength to guide these kids with everything they’ve got!


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