Children's Ministry Small Groups

Updated 5/17/21

Children in grades 1-3 will need to check in on the 2nd floor of Building C. Their classrooms are on this floor. They will then attend Children’s Worship at 10:45am in Room D203, and will need to be picked up there at the end of the Contemporary Service.

1st grade A – 201 – Ellyn Ennis, Jon Ennis, Cayla Hood, Zane Hood

1st grade B – 202 – Amy Bryant, Lauren Brunson

2nd grade A – 203 – Misty Moore, Alicia Linley, Kim White

2nd grade B – 204 – Clay Watts, Emily Roberts

3rd grade A – 205 – Jennifer Nelson, Jennifer Bethune, Peggy Fogg

3rd grade B – 206 – Mary Beth Baccus, Claire Young

Preteens in grades 4-5 will need to check in on the 4th floor of Building C. Their classrooms on are this floor. We encourage that preteens attend the Contemporary Worship Service at 10:45am with their families.

4th grade GA – 405 – Michelle Daniel, Kelley Shirley

4th grade GB – 406 – Kelly Moats, Sue Hardy

4th grade BA – 404 – Scotty Moates, Dustin Bright

4th grade BA – 403 – Obed Ellis, Scott Shirley

5th grade boys BA – 407 – Jeremy Rodgers, Jammy Erwin, JR Millington, Don Braswell

5th grade boys BB – 408 – Randy Flowers, Tim Hardy

5th grade girls GA – 401 – Becky Rodgers, Kim Snuggs

Children’s Records – Virginia and Charles Biddy

2nd Floor Front Desk – Chris and Amy Bryant, Abby and Chris Wingard, Melissa Bozeman