M3 Fall Prevention Program


How many of us are aware of our fall risk or how that risk can impact our quality of life? While many of us have a solid plan for retirement, how many of us have a health and wellness plan to compliment the financial piece? Sports and Wellness is partnering with M3Performance and Physical Therapy to offer a Fall Prevention Assessment Program. At M3Performance and Physical Therapy, we see movement as an experience and not as a task. M3Perfomrance have developed a quality of life and fall prevention program focused on those in our community age 65 and older. M3’s focus is to help our community: Move Well, Live Well and Do Amazing Things.

Our Fall Program Includes:

  1. Quality of Life Assessment
  2. Fall Risk Assessment
  3. Data Review (discussion of results)
  4. Follow-up Planning

Date: Tuesday, March 7th.
Cost: Registration cost is $35. Register here today!
Time: 11 am to 2 pm. (Note: people come the time they signed-up).

Please check-in at Gym lobby!