RECURRENCE: Weekly, Wednesday
LOCATION: FBC Trussville Campus

Midweek at First Baptist is the place to be on Wednesday nights! We have dinner, numerous Bible studies, and worship and activities for kids of all ages. We hope you will join us!

Fellowship Meal

Come fellowship together each Wednesday night from 4:30-6:00pm in the Gym and Fellowship Hall. The cost is $5 per person with a $20 family max. Kids meal is $2.

September Menu

Sept 28 - Spaghetti (kids: grilled cheese)

Midweek Bible Study - Discipleship University

This new Bible study begins August 24th at 6:00pm. Numerous classes will be offered, in a range of areas to help you become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Courses range from six to eleven weeks and will be offered multiple times in the fall and spring for you to earn a well-rounded education on discipleship!

  • Responding to Atheists
    • Location: C302
    • Duration: 6 weeks
    • Teacher: Robin Foshee
  • Cherish (A study on marriage)
    • Location: C312
    • Duration: 6 weeks
    • Teachers: Jamie and Nikki O'Dell
  • Lesson for Living
    • Location: Fellowship Hall
    • Duration: 11 weeks
    • Teacher: Buddy Champion
  • Intro to Disciple Making
    • Location: C303
    • Duration: 11 weeks
    • Teacher: Jeff Gardner
  • Finding I Am (for ladies)
    • Location: C304
    • Duration: 6 weeks
    • Teacher: Traci Newell
  • Preparing to Parent
    • Location: C311
    • Duration: 11 weeks
    • Teachers: Greg and Beth Williams
  • Kindgom Man (for men)
    • Location: C307
    • Duration: 6 weeks
    • Teacher: Bobby Mason
  • Free of Me (for ladies)
    • Location: C304
    • Duration: 5 weeks (October 5 - November 2)
    • Teacher: Mary Beth Baccus

Other Midweek Classes

Divorce Care: 6-7pm
Starting August 17! Sign up here to let us know of your planned attendance. We will meet in room D138.

Activities For Preschoolers, Children and Students

  • Preschool: 6-7pm | Babies - 2 Years (Childcare) | 3K - 5K (TeamKID)
  • Children: 5:30pm in Children's Worship Room where $1 pizza is served; 6:00pm: 1st - 3rd graders in D203 (Acts 1:8) | 4th - 5th graders in C412 (412)
  • Students: Middle School Worship - 6:00pm in the Middle School space (hangout time is 5:15-6pm) | High School Worship - 7:00pm in the High School space (hangout time is 6:00-7:00pm) | $3 CFA sandwiches and $1 drinks/candy available

Ministry of Praise Rehearsal

  • Choir: 6:15pm in the Music Suite
  • Orchestra: 6:45pm in the Worship Center