President's Day


Join us for a fun time of laughter as we spend some time with a former President of the United States (sort of).

The cost for this event is $20 for a general admission ticket (VIP Guest tickets available at the Event Desk for $5).

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For most Americans, there's nothing like being in the presence of the President of the United States. We know we're touching history, and for a few moments we feel bigger than life. A chance encounter with the President is a wonder we can't wait to describe to our friends. When it happens, we want to get as close as possible, shake hands and exchange a word- so we can tell our grandchildren.

John Morgan is a rare phenomenon. He's amazingly gifted with the physical appearance of George W. Bush, and he has diligently cultivated the President's mannerisms and speech patterns. The hair, the shrug, the laugh, the nod, even the verbal Bush-isms - John Morgan makes you feel like you're speaking with the President himself.

His presentation runs the gamut from comedic and musical to dramatic and motivational. John's performance will entertain and inspire. Millions have seen him on America's Got Talent, The Family Feud Headline News, Hannity & Colmes, E! Entertainment Network, ABC's "The View," and The 700 Club.

John's inspiring journey is chronicled in print. My Life as a Bush.…and My Heart for Imitating Jesus, with forward by Governor Mike Huckabee, is filled with laugh-out-loud stories, audacious encounters, and spiritual insights. Each chapter of John's story encourages readers to become imitators of Christ, the greatest person who ever lived.