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Participating in one of our Build Days is an exciting experience. There's always something to do from the moment you arrive, sign in, and get your safety gear until the last SHP logo is branded on the final headboard of the day. Volunteers under the guidance of SHP chapter team members build bunks in an assembly line setup. There are stations for sawing, sanding, drilling, assembling, staining, and branding the wood. What started as a pile of raw lumber from the hardware store becomes ready-to-deliver bunks for kids in need.

Volunteering Requirements:
Each volunteer is required to fill out an Indemnification Release Form.
No child under the age of 12 is allowed to participate in a Build Day.
Underage minors are required to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Who Can Volunteer:
Build Days are meant for communities to come together to serve. Because of this, we encourage kids, adults, families, co-workers, neighborhoods, community groups, churches, organizations, businesses, schools, etc. to sponsor or participate in a build day.

We do ask that participants are over 12 years old and that minors be accompanied by a legal guardian.

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