High School Small Groups

Updated 9/17/20

Students in grades 9-12 will need to check in at the High School Space on the 2nd floor of Building A. Small groups start at 9:15am, then students attend the Contemporary Worship Service together at 10:45am.

Grade 9 Girls – Kimberly Johnson/Adele Jones/Stephanie Benzaia

Grade 9 Guys – Michael Moore/Randy Bush/Phil DeSimone

Grade 10 Girls – Terri Riccio/Lisa Eagle/Paige Shellnut/Anna Bryant DeBell

Grade 10 Guys – Scott Suhr/Marty Eagle/Ben DeBell

Grade 11 Girls – Mary Ann Davis/Lindsey Smith/Robin Mason/Misty Bush

Grade 11 Guys – Taylor Summers/Matt Dickey/Ron Puryear

Grade 12 Girls – Kasey Summers/Rachel Dickey/Shannon Curd/Alicia Williamson/Stacey Cole

Grade 12 Guys – Ian Maddox/Chris Bryant/Wes Curd/Jonathan Ryer