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Wednesday, April 14 |  6:00pm

In our time together this week we will look at the doctrine of humanity.
We’re following the Be One, Make One curriculum in our time together, live streamed at Facebook,
and YouTube, and available for viewing here.
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Study guides are available for $10 in the church office, and Sundays at the Event Center!

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Sunday, April 18  •  9:15 & 10:45am

God’s Word has much to say about time. We only have so much of it, and what we have we’re to put it to good use. Loving others, spreading the Good News, and just glorifying God with our lives in general. 
But if there’s one thing that can get away from us quickly, it’s time. This Sunday we’ll continue a new message study looking at the subject of time…how best to use it, and how to make sure we’re maximizing this precious, non-renewable resource for Kingdom work! Join us this Sunday as we begin To-Do Today!

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Monday, April 19 |  10:00am

This spring we’re setting aside time on Monday mornings for prayer…not just doing it, but learning about the history, power, and importance of this vital communication with God. Led by Dr. Johnny Fain and our Seasoned Adult Ministry, this pivotal time is for everyone, lasting about 30-minutes each Monday morning. 
Make it a habit to join us each Monday morning, February through April as we focus on prayer together!

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