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Midweek Bible Study
April 1, 2020   6:00pm

Well, we’ll have to wait on Mrs. Georgia’s cooking for now, but Midweek Bible Study is back on!

We’ll resume our exploration of the Stories of the Bible, live streamed right here each Wednesday at 6:00pm. Grab your copy of God’s Word and meet us here as Pastor Buddy and the Ministry Team teaches us truths found in scripture.

This Sunday @First Baptist
April 5, 2020   6:00pm

It was a triumphal entry. Jesus made His way into the booming metropolis of Jerusalem to the cheers and applause of all the people. A vast crowd gathered shouting “Hosanna” as they lay palm branches down as pavement for His journey. But there was no permanence in this grand entry, foretold by the chosen mode for the occasion…a humble donkey. Instead, it would be the beginning of the end of His earthly ministry, for in a few days, He’d bear our cross at Calvary.

Join us this Sunday as we enter officially into the Easter season. And although the method for us this year might be a little different, the message is the same. Jesus is Lord!

4/05/20 FBCT Today (containing Pastor Buddy’s listening guide)
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