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Sunday, May 24 |  10:00am
This summer we are taking a look at the Sermon On the Mount, known as the greatest sermon ever given. Through this teaching, Jesus was able to radically change the way the people of the day thought. In just a short period of time, He basically turned their thinking upside down, giving them totally new perspectives on life, themselves, other people..and even God Himself!
We hope you’ll join us this Sunday as we begin this new study, hopefully allowing God’s Word to change our thinking as well!

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Wednesday, May 27  |  6:00pm

Wednesdays we’re studying the Beatitudes in a series we’ve called, “How To Be Happy.” Join the live stream right here each Wednesday at 6:00pm. Grab your copy of God’s Word and meet us here as Pastor Buddy and the Ministry Team teaches us truths found in scripture.

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Thursday, May 28  |  10:30am

We’ll be joined by special guest Babbie Mason, along with a few other guests and surprises!

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