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Sunday, August 2  |  9:15 & 10:45am

This Sunday we’ll continue our Summer On the Mount, looking at the subject of false prophets.

Jesus called Satan the prince of this world, and the father of lies, saying that when he lies he “speaks his native tongue.” With this in mind, the truth is getting harder and harder to find in our world these days. Messages from every direction demand our attention, with some claiming to have the answers for life, peace, and spiritual well-being. But in His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warned of people who would present themselves in one way, but underneath be “ferocious wolves.” It is these kind of false prophets that He warned about, giving us indications of how to spot them.

This Sunday Pastor Buddy continues our Summer on the Mount series in Matthew 7:15-23 looking at this important subject, while helping us examine ourselves to make sure we have lives lived in the truth.   Be sure to join us online or in-person as we continue this summer series together!

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