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Sunday, October 25
9:15 & 10:45am

We’re spending Sunday mornings right now in the book of 1 John, learning from this Apostle how we are supposed to love each other as the church. God has given us…His church…the truth, an invaluable gift in a day and age where truth is hard to find. But as we’ll see in this week’s study, if we continue in Him, His response to us enables a beautiful union among believers, allowing us to love each other as one body, full of grace, Godly consideration, unity, and peace. 

We hope you can be part of our time together, right here, this Sunday, October 25 as we’ll be in 1 John 2 & 3.

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Wednesday, October 28 • 6:00pm
Maybe you’ve heard the song…  Joshua “fit” the battle of Jericho… and the walls came tumbling down. It’s a simple song we learned as kids, but the meaning was and is profound. Commanded by God to march around this city over the course of a week, His people followed this perplexing command, and lo and behold, what God said would happen, happened. 
We can learn a lot from this account, recorded in Hebrews eleven’s “Hall of Faith.” Join us via our livestream in our next time together as we look at Hebrews 11:30.
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Wednesday, October 28 • 7:00pm
While all things are possible with God, very often He brings things into our lives that don’t make sense in the moment, but ultimately fit His plan perfectly for our lives. It’s in the unexpected things of life that we often see His hand at work most clearly.

With this in mind, we’ll continue our Unexpected message series at 7:00pm, and hope you’re here with us!

We look forward to seeing your student Wednesday night!

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