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July 8, 2015 chadsummers Blog


Wednesday nights are the most fun night of the week! If you are a high school student or new to our church, you have got to come experience Wednesday night worship at Catalyst!

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catalyst-small-groupsOur Sunday morning experience is designed to take students deeper into the Bible with the intent of exposing them to how the gospel is applicable to their everyday lives.

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Stay up-to-date with all of our upcoming events! You can also sign up to receive ministry text messages by texting 81010 followed by your grade and gender in the message field. (For example, for 9th grade guys, text “81010”, then “@9guys” in the message field.)

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Facebook: @TrussvilleStudents


For Updates on Events
Text: 81010, followed by
your grade and gender
in the message field:
12th grade guys = @12hsguys
12th grade ladies = @12hsladies
11th grade guys = @11hsguys
11th grade ladies = @11hsladies
10th grade guys = @10hsguys
10th grade ladies = @10hsladies
9th grade guys = @9hsguys
9th grade ladies = @9hsladies