Preschool Ministry Small Groups

Updated 9/17/20

Preschoolers from birth to kindergarten will need to check in at the Preschool Desk by the Fountain Entrance. Sunday School starts at 9:15am, and Extended Care starts at 10:45am. Kindergarteners attend Children’s Worship at 10:45am in Room D203, and will need to be picked up there at the end of the Contemporary Service.

For questions and check-in, come to the help desk at the lobby entrance to Building A.

BABY A – A115 – Lynn Champion, Grace Champion, Larry Williard, Kimberly Mauldin, Philip & Lindsey Faucher

BABY B – A113 – Tracey Cochran, Kelley Long, Anna Cochran, Ashley Sing, Morgan Helms, Andrea Wood

BABY C – A111 – Kip & Janeena Willoughby, Dustin & Allison Bright

BABY D – A109 – Alan & Yo Taylor, Deb & George Blake, Jana LoPresti

TODDLER A – A101 – Terri Mathews , Lynn Brooker, Maggie Williams, Jordan Porter

TODDLER B – A102 – Heather & Andrew Turner, Bryan & Samantha Howell

TODDLER C – A103 – George & Cindy Jones

TODDLER D – A104 – Tim & Suzanne Minor, Tyler & Lindsey Page

TWO A – A105 – Ashley Horsley, Scott & Brittany Hackleman, Jonathan & Kristin Penuel

TWO B – A106 – Katy & Kellen Kinard

TWO C – A107 – Margaret Armstrong & Alicia Owens, Jeremiah & Ashley Culwell

TWO D – A108 – Emily Buckner, Yulisa Royston

THREE A – A116 – Genia Cobb & Brooke Morrison, Brittni & Kevin Farris

THREE B – A117 – Nick & Courtney Brown, Matt & Alex Gibson

THREE C – A118 – Julie & Tyler Braden

THREE D – A119 – Kristina Kinner, Brian Kinner*, Jennifer Holley

FOUR A – C125 – Loni Hodge, Justin Hodge*, Heather Cates

FOUR B – C127 – Ellen Ormond, Jennifer Gardner*, Debbie Serena

FOUR C – C130 – Chad & Jessica Scarber, Anna & Lawrence Key

FIVE A – C132 – Callie & Brandon Russell, Chad & Ginny Harland

FIVE B – C134 – Mandy Catrett & Aleicia Horsnby, Bo & Tiffany Morrison

FIVE C – C131 – Bonnie Hicks, Megan Onofry

FIVE D – C133 – Suzanne Hollifield, Debbi Ryer

GOLD FISH CREW – Tom LoPresti, Justin Hodge, Patrick Hobbs

DOOR SECURITY – Alan Taylor, Allen Kennemur, Matt Walk

FRONT DESK WORKERS – Kelsey Walk, Brittany Kennemur, Beth Copham, Kimberly Johnson, April Peacock, Adrienne Watkins, Josh Watkins, Christi Watts, Paula Sewell, Dawn Mitchell, Amy Millington, JR Millington, Julie Coop, Natalie Foley, Katie Amberson