Livestream events worth a second look!

From time to time we have livestream events that are worth watching again.
You'll find those events right here. Share them with your friends, family, and those you love, or just take it all in again. They'll be right here waiting for you!

SAM Luncheon with Kevin Grigsby

Kevin Grigsby will be with us, sharing his talents with us in the Worship Center.

Re-watch Here

October 17-20, 2021: Experience Israel Now

Dr. Andy Cook returns to First Baptist Trussville to take us on a captivating virtual tour through the Holy Land. Scripture will come alive as you hear the stories behind the geography, and how these locations in the Bible connect with the truth written in scripture, and from the very lips of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Session 1 - October 17, 5:00pm
Session 2 - October 18, 10:00am
Session 3 - October 18, 11:10am
Session 4 - October 19, 10:00am
Session 5 - October 19, 11:10am
Session 6 - October 20, 10:00am
Session 7 - October 20, 11:10am

6/6/2021: 2nd Annual Cruise-In

Highlights of the 2nd Annual Leland Dockery Tribute Cruise-In, as shown in the June 6, 2021 worship services.

Upcoming SAM Events

SAM Mystery Excursion

SAM Mystery Excursion

Get ready for a fun adventure. We will leave the church at 8:00am sharp! Registration is limited to the first 100 people. ...
SAM Recognition Lunch

SAM Recognition Lunch

We will be having a SAM Recognition Lunch in the gym and would love for all SAMMERS to join us. The cost is $3 per ticket. ...


COME ONE, COME ALL! Bring your classic, vintage, hot rod or really unique vehicle, or bring a friend and come enjoy. NOW is the time to...
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