Lance Pate

Executive Pastor

Alan Taylor

Business Administrator

Jamie O'Dell

Minister of Education & Discipleship

Rebecca Parker

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Bender


Amy Blount

Human Resources/Contributions

Emily Edwards


Morgan Jaeger

Financial Assistant

Debbie Arrington

Education & Seasoned Adult Assistant

Carrie Jones

Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

Connie Horsley


Joe Estes

Worship Pastor

Clay Campbell

Worship Pastor

Andrew Morris

Contemporary Worship Leader

Joey Harbison

Orchestra Director

Holly Smith

Music Ministry Assistant

Sherri Easdon

Children's Choir Coordinator

Gayle Glenn


Chris Chambers

Minister of Missions

Jamie Chappell

Missions Assistant

Amy Lachina

WEE Center Director

Abby Wingard

WEE Center Assistant Director

Lori Robertson

WEE Center Financial Associate

Kelsey Walk

Director of Preschool Ministries

Matt Galloway

Children's Minister

Rachel Dickey

Preschool & Children's Ministry Assistant

Lindsey Faucher

Preschool Associate

Christi Watts

Extended Care Coordinator

Spencer Jones

Minister to High School Students

Matt Dickey

Minister to Middle School Students

Mary Catherine Galloway

Student Ministry Associate

Nicole Stanbery

Student Ministry Assistant

Jeff Gardner

Minister to University & Young Adults

Bob Smith

Minister to Seasoned Adults

Sherrie Forehand

Event Coordinator

Kathy Bowman

Director of Sports & Wellness

Chad Summers

Director of Media & Communication

Brian Lachina

Director of Information Technology (IT)

Travis Higginbotham

Director of Worship Production

Stephanie Entrup

Media Associate

Hope Garrett

Public Relations

Alec Dixon

Director of Video

Georgia Harvey

Food Service Director

Glenda Dooley

Kitchen Staff

Connie Bransby

Kitchen Staff

Horace Myers

Head of Maintenance

Morris Mewbourne

Maintenance Staff

Ken Brasfield

Maintenance Staff

Andrew Kerns

Facilities Director

Vilma Gomez

Facilities Staff

Alvaro Lopez

Facilities Staff

Joseph Stovall

Facilities Staff

Lynn Wright

Facilities Staff

Sharon Isom

Facilities Staff

Yeimi Torres

Facilities Staff

Ben Russell

Facilities Staff

Ella Bester

Facilities Staff