Lazarus Mosby

Drum Instructor

Lazarus earned his Bachelor in Music Technology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He currently is a Drum Instructor in the Jefferson County school system for both Clay-Chalkville Middle and High school. Under his instruction, the high school drumline performed for the World Games Summer 2022 (Sheila E. And Nelly) and with Ruben Studderd Winter 2022. He has performed for many artists and has traveled around the globe.


  • Ten Toes Behind Jesus Musician
  • Collective Community Church (MD)
  • The Purpose Church (Musician)
  • His Word Ministries (Sound/Musician)
  • Marlon Humphrey (on call musician)
  • Music Technology/ Music Production
  • Drum Technician
  • Arranging
  • N.O.P. (Musician)
  • Carnel Davis Musician for workshops
  • Brewster Road Baptist Church tech support
  • East End Baptist Church tech support
  • Pleasant Grove Drum Instructor 2019

When it comes to drums, Lazarus’s main philosophy is that anything can be a drum! The operator is the source of the music, not the instrument. When not teaching drums, Lazarus enjoys spending time with loved ones.

Lazarus Mosby