We will tell the next generation.
Psalm 78:4

NEXT is a campaign to ready our campus to reach the next generation for Christ.  You can make your pledge to this campaign here.

New Parking Lot

The City of Trussville has a Loop Road project impacting many of our church-owned homes along the south side of our campus. In order to make this space flow more smoothly, account for the new roads running through our existing property, and to make the former Church of Christ lot useful, we will expand our parking lots. This will give us immediate access to Hwy 11, allow us to create a new church marquee, and improve the grading, landscaping, and lighting in this area.

Chapel Renovations

This wonderful central space is still the hub of our campus. Often used for small weddings, memorial services, recitals, and times of teaching and worship, our Chapel plays a vital role in the life of church activity. But, this area has sat untouched for many years as the rest of the campus received improvement.

The original plan through our previous capital funds campaign (EPIC) was to revitalize this room, but based on projected pledges at that time we had to reprioritize our objectives and address this important area at a later time. Well, now is that time!

This area in the heart of our campus is in desperate need of tender love and care, and through NEXT that’s what it will receive!

Church Revitalization

In 2016 we made our five year goals to reach in 2021. One of the goals under missions was to establish a partnership with a local Baptist Church, use our resources to revitalize that fellowship, and together strengthen that church’s future and direction.

We are continuing with that plan and investing in a local church. As part of this campaign, we will help renovate, remodel, staff, and begin a journey with a church to keep its kingdom effectiveness vibrant for its surrounding community.

Building B Elevator

Baptism Sunday has become a beloved part of church life here. In fact, celebrating baptism following DNOW, Vacation Bible School, or any occasion where people of all ages make the decision to follow Christ is a major part of who we are.

However, for those with a disability, or simply difficulty navigating stairs, accessing our baptistry is more than challenging. It’s the same story for those needing to visit the Music Suite. Any members with difficulty climbing stairs are faced with 56 of them, round trip. 

Plans for a new elevator to connect all three floors of Building B will solve this issue, once and for all. It will be a needed addition to our campus for ease of access to these floors for everyone.

Other Projects

Covered Garage Shelter

Our buses, vans, and trailers age much faster when sitting out in the open elements. The ability to cover these vehicles correctly with adequate lighting and space to maneuver will make caring for these church assets possible. This new structure will be an open-air garage, located behind the current storage facility off Hewitt Street. The new structure will provide needed shade and covering for maximum stewardship of our FBCT vehicles.

Campus Improvements

From ceiling tiles, to outdated restrooms, to carpet and paint, our campus needs a little updating and freshening up. Our children put a lot of wear-and-tear on their areas in Building C, and we need to get these areas set for the next few years. There are bathrooms around campus that need better lighting and updating. Additional small group rooms need to be enlarged and made more multi-purposed. All of these together will make the flow of our campus more efficient and updated.


Technology will be a major focus for our campus for a long time. With this campaign we will replace our entire sound console that runs our worship center, as well as a second console that provides audio to those watching/listening at home.

We’ll also add security cameras in our parking lots and interior rooms, and several new HVAC controllers to ensure that our campus remains comfortable all year long.

So will you help us? 

With your help we can reach the next generation for Christ at First Baptist Trussville!

Make your pledge online here!  And to see the full NEXT Campaign booklet, with all the details, download it here!