William Hallmark

Art Instructor

William Clayton Hallmark has a God-given talent that has made him one of today’s top Christian artists. In his thirties, this painter captures the unique symbolism of Bible verses with amazing insight and understanding. Each of William’s pieces is inspired by God’s word. The imagery of Christian themes is carried throughout his paintings as they capture the life and legacy of Jesus Christ as well as the Christian faith.

William is a native of Birmingham, Alabama whose work is appreciated throughout the United States. His art has been featured on the cover and pages of several Christian magazines and William has appeared on radio and television programs, including The 700 Club.

As a result of William’s commitment to honor God with his talent, he was inspired to create his first spiritual painting, “Lion of Judah”. This particular painting gained him national attention and he was asked to appear on CBN’s 700 Club to explain the Christian symbolism feature in the painting. William recalls his own personal struggle with his symbolic painting. “I prayed to the Lord, help me get the expression right in his eyes. His eyes would be the focal point of the painting. After intense painting and struggling with the canvas, God answered my prayer.”

Since then, His original works have touched and inspired audiences of many different backgrounds. William has been featured in numerous Christian publications and several covers of magazines. You can see more of his art at WilliamHallmarkArtist.com.

It is William’s desire that his art help bring certain cherished Bible verses to light in your own walk with Christ. “I have witnessed people getting choked up over just seeing one of my pieces. I receive such a blessing to see how my God-given talent touches someone else. It is a very humbling experience.”

Williams instructs the Conservatory’s oil-painting classes. These weekly classes are limited to eight students, and are 90 minutes in length. William is still seeking God’s inspiration as he uses his gift to serve Christ, whether in full-time painting or in offering classes through the Conservatory. “I realize that I am only a vessel that God uses to produce these images and that my creative spirit comes from him. I hope you will enjoy watching what God unfolds next as I seek to honor Him with my gifts.”

William Hallmark