Camp Ocoee - Friday AM

AUTHOR: Student Ministry
CHANNEL: Student Ministry

It was an AMAZING night last night! Twenty three students made a decision for Christ! It was a huge celebration in this room and in the heavens above.

The funniest part: everyone was dressed as a senior citizen for the theme night, so you would think the local senior center had a revival, and not the student ministry… People were making the most important decision of their lives dressed as grandmas and grandpas! Just goes to show that there’s nothing that can stop the Lord from doing his work!

Last night’s message was about Jehovah M’Kaddesh - “God is my sanctifier.” It was a powerful message that the Holy Spirit used to transform lives. He rescued us from one thing, and set it apart for another. He asks us to leave the things we’re holding onto, so that we can have a life that is better with him. He came so that we can have LIFE, and life to the FULLEST (John 10:10). Hallelujah!

We had a lot of fun for Senior Citizen Night. Everyone was SO into it, and were in character the entire time! The sound of laughter as they played BINGO was music to the soul.

We can’t believe the last full day is here! Please pray that each and every conversation points back to Christ and that more continue to be added to His kingdom. Pray against the enemy and his schemes. Pray for barriers to break. And pray for lives to be changed forever!