Camp Ocoee - Thursday PM

AUTHOR: Student Ministry
CHANNEL: Student Ministry

We had a great day today! The weather was warmer and sunnier, with only a sprinkle of a shower at one point, so everyone got to do all of their activities.

We’ve loved having Jared and the band lead us in worship this week! They’ve shared their hearts with us and led us to the Father’s heart.

Jamey’s message this morning was about Jehovah Shammah - “The God Who is There.” He is closer than you think! If we draw near to God, He’ll draw near to us (James 4:8). And for some of us, we are keeping him at arm’s distance. We could grow so deeply in our faith, if we just took the step closer to him. God desires for us to be close to Him and to deepen our faith. We can only survive for so long on baby’s milk; we have to move on to solid food, or we will become malnourished! Maturity in the physical sense has a progression; so does maturity in the spiritual sense. We have to make the choice to draw near to God daily.

Activities were a blast! We also had special activities for our juniors and seniors: juniors went white water rafting, and the seniors had a special dinner to welcome them to the college ministry.

Also, it’s Senior Citizen Night. We’ve already seen some costumes, and they are hilarious!

Tonight, the Gospel is being presented. This is why we have camp! There are students whose lives we are praying will change forever. We are praying for God to MOVE!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow. Thank you for following along with us.