Camp Ocoee - Wednesday AM

AUTHOR: Student Ministry
CHANNEL: Student Ministry

It’s Day 2 of Camp Ocoee, and the first full day of activities! We have a full schedule ahead of us, but first we want to talk about yesterday. After arriving at camp, we got settled and met with small groups. Our schedule got switched around a bit and we started worship an hour later. It’s a cool story though! After realizing that some of our pretty important cables were missing for worship, Spencer texted surrounding youth pastors for help to borrow theirs. One church was ALSO at camp - across the lake from us. So, they sent extra cables by boat across the lake! God always makes a way…

Last night’s worship session was a great start to the week. Jared Wood and the band led us to worship the character of God and the fullness thereof. Jamey Dickens started us off with a powerful message about YAWEH - “I AM.” We were challenged to really think about our image of God - is he more like a referee to us? Like Siri? Like a mythical cloud hanging over us? God’s Word says that HE is ABBA, FATHER. Do we think of Him as such? The word “abba” actually means something much different than simply “father” - it’s more like, “dad.” God is our perfect, loving, compassionate father that cares deeply for His children! This week, our students will be challenged to truly evaluate their thoughts on God the Father.

After worship, it was time for MEGA RELAY: a competition between tribes that involved what looks like organized, mass chaos! Paige Shelnutt and the rec team made it unbelievably fun - there’s just no way to describe how awesome it was! Everyone was so into it and so encouraging. It’s always a highlight of camp.

This morning, everyone wore gray to support Grayson Pope. We are storming heaven’s doors to pray for miraculous healing! We are so excited for today! We’ll have worship, outdoor activities, and then tonight is our ‘Merica theme night. Stay tuned for another blog post this evening with more updates!