Costa Rica Day 1

AUTHOR: Olivia Romano
CHANNEL: Student Ministry

Where to start? Today has been a FULL day! Sorry this update is coming to you all so late/early in the morning. It is currently 1:30am and we have just arrived at our hotel and all the kids have settled in. We had a few setbacks in our travel plans today, so we are a bit later getting here than we planned, but we made it! Getting to the airport and through security this morning (Saturday) went perfectly, and the kids were pumped to start our trek from Atlanta to San Jose. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, we could not land in Miami, where our connecting flight was. We ended up having to land in Ft. Myers to refuel, and wait for the Miami airport to re-open before we could fly in. Our connecting flight ended up getting cancelled, and just as we were about to accept that we would be spending night one in Miami, the Lord began to move. A new flight from Miami to San Jose seemed to appear at just the time we needed it and with only 44 open seats. We were blessed to have one of the most patient airline workers manually add each of us onto the flight, getting the last one of us added 2 minutes before boarding began. We ended up sitting on the boarded plane for two hours before we actually took off due to the air traffic, but finally took off around 5:30 Eastern Time. Once we landed, we met with the awesome team of church leaders, translators, and bus drivers we have down here, and took the kids to a McDonald’s for an extra late dinner. We are now finally at our hotel and ready to get some sleep!

We wanted to take a moment to brag on all the kids. They have been SUCH troopers over the past 24 hours, with not one single complaint from anyone. They handled every setback we faced with smiles on their faces and genuinely made the most of our day. Their patience and encouragement throughout the day was such a game changer for the morale of our group.

We also want to pause and thank God for the way He completely took care of us today, and for the MANY miracles we received. In every detail, He was there with His hand over us, and we definitely felt His presence with us today. We believe that God is going to move in big ways this week, and we ask that you would pray over this group for safety in travels, boldness in sharing God’s Word, faith to believe that God can do big things, humility to serve others above ourselves, peace that surpasses all understanding, and that we would be on guard against the enemy’s attacks.

We are so excited for Church tomorrow with Pastor Egidio! Jack Erwin will be preaching, and after Church, we will be hosting a block party for all the families in the neighborhood.

Thank you all so much for the prayers! We cannot wait to see how else God is going to move this week! I will send pictures tomorrow, as well as another update with pictures tomorrow night!