Memphis Day 4

AUTHOR: Student Ministry
CHANNEL: Student Ministry

Day 4 was our final full day here in Memphis and it was an incredible day of ministry for our team. Bible club in the morning had the most kids that they have had all summer(32) which was a huge praise! And one of our missionary leaders informed us that they specifically prayed for 32 to come and God answered that prayer with precision. Our team shared stories, sang songs, and made crafts about the fruit of the Spirit, which was our Bible lesson for the day. We spent our afternoon at the local food bank in Memphis where we packed over 130 boxes of diapers for families in need of this item for their child. The students did a great job of working hard and completing the task that was assigned to them. After the afternoon project we came back for dinner and worship. We got to share and we heard some stories from the week from the other churches.

One cool story from Bible club today… We had a new family that came to Bible club for the first time all summer and they spoke zero English. One of our students, Noah Jordan, started trying to talk with the family and ended up using google translator on his phone to have a conversation with them. He found out in the conversation that this family had just moved to the area a couple of weeks ago and expressed that she needed clothes and other necessities for her kids. This allowed us to get the family connected to the church we’re partnered with where they will be able to help provide for their needs!

Two words defined this week for our team: Being INTENTIONAL and FLEXIBLE. Our students were intentional with everything they did—loving on kids, cleaning up streets, talking with families, packing boxes of diapers, etc. But another thing mission trips require is flexibility. Plans shift and adjust and time frames change, but our students remained flexible and willing to do whatever needed to be done whenever they were asked! Our missionary leader from Street Reach applauded our students on multiple occasions for how they excelled in these areas.

We’re looking forward to a great final day of ministry at Bible club! Please be in prayer for our team and the kids as we present the Gospel today. We’ll be returning later this afternoon so pray for safe travels for our team as well.

Isaiah 58:12 - "And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach, the restorer of streets to dwell in."