May 13, 2015 skip Blog

Giving is a God-given expression of worship.

He doesn’t need our resources, but He chooses to let us be part of His work through the faith that comes with giving. We give so that God’s kingdom work can continue, and here you can do so safely and easily to any FBCT ministry endeavor using our new giving portal…PushPay!

Selecting one of the options below, after logging on you’ll find online giving at our church easier and more efficient than ever!

Select How You Would Like To Give Today:

Tithes or general contributions

Register for a coming FBCT trip or event

Give to our GIC missionaries

Please contact the Finance Office at (205) 655-2403 if we can assist you with this process.


Attention SecureGive Users

If your contributions are being automatically sent to First Baptist through SecureGive’s recurring gift function, you will need to deactivate this account and establish your new automatic giving with PushPay.

Please select this link to deactivate your account and then select the “Tithes or general contributions” link on this page to start giving through Pushpay, our new online portal.