Seasoned Adults


Enter the gathering space at the heart of First Baptist Church Trussville any Sunday morning between services and you’re apt to see a variety of genders, races, and ages. And while many will be toddlers, teens, millennials, and ages in-between, among them is a strong contingent of men and women more than age 55 who we at FBCT prefer to call “Seasoned Adults.” 

Many in this age range are still working in jobs or in their own businesses. Others are partially or fully retired from “work” but continue serving the Lord in many ways. They are “Seasoned Adults” (not senior adults) and if you are among them, we invite you to participate in some of the programs and activities described here!

SAM Leadership Team
Diane Poole – COMMIT group leader
Susan Hornsby – KNOW group leader
Bill Bowser – DO group leader
Steve Pinuel – SAM team leader
Debra Roberts – Secretary

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