Stephen MinistryWhat Is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry offers a proven and effective way to organize, equip, and supervise a team of congregation members—called Stephen Ministers—to provide high-quality, one-to-one, Christ-centered care to people in the congregation and the community experiencing life difficulties.

How Does Stephen Ministry Work?

A trained Stephen Minister is matched with a person experiencing a life crisis. The Stephen Minister then meets with the Care Receiver to listen, care, encourage, and provide emotional and spiritual support. He/she usually provides care to one person at a time, meeting with that person once a week for about an hour. Twice a month, Stephen Ministers gather with their Stephen Leaders for supervision and continuing education.

Stephen MinistryWho Are The Stephen Ministers?

Stephen Ministers are congregation members who are trained to offer high-quality, one-to-one Christian care to people going through tough times. Stephen Ministers come from all walks of life. Their commonality is a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need.

Who Are The Care Receivers?

Care receivers are people-congregation members and others in the community-who receive care from a Stephen Minister. These are people struggling through a difficult time in life-experiencing grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or other life crises. The caring relationship lasts as long as the person is in need of care. The identity of those receiving care, and anything that is shared, remains confidential.


Please take a moment and hear from Zolinda as she talks about the importance of the Stephen Ministry in her life.

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