University and Young Adults


The years between 18–30 play a crucial role in life. Young adults make so many choices and go through so many changes. Adulting is hard.

FBCT wants to walk with young adults, whether they are in college, in the work place, or still trying to figure things out. We desire to be a place where young adults can doubt, heal, connect, and grow.

Opportunities to connect with others just like you:

Pull Up A Seat

Jeff Gardner provides a weekly podcast called Pull Up A Seat. Keep an eye out on Thursdays for our posts about it. New one every week!

Bible Study

Get together with other college students and young adults, working through the books of the Bible. Fellowship and Bible study happens every Sunday morning at:

  • 9:15am for college students and young adults, meeting in room E207, led by Jeff Gardner (complementing the 10:45 service)
  • 10:45am for nearly/newlyweds, led by Sherrie & Stan Forehand in E204.

Community Groups

These are smaller gatherings addressing the struggles and realities of young adults from a Biblical perspective.

  • Thursday Night at 7:00pm. Meet at the Weldons, starting off with dessert. Followed by biblical conversations and prayer.
  • Sunday Night at 5:00pm. Meet at the Wingard’s. The group shares a meal, then has discussion about how the Bible intersects everyday.
  • Sunday Night at 7:00pm. Meet at the Blakely’s. After the group fellowships over a meal, they discuss life from a biblical perspective.

Text or call Jeff (205) 807-8645 for updates and addresses.

Nearly/Newly Weds

  • There’s a weekday small group just for you! We meet on Thursday nights at 7:00pm, connecting you with other couples just like you in the area. Text Jeff Gardner for the address at (205) 807-8645.