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About Threads of Love

Threads of Love provides packets for premature babies and for families of babies lost through miscarriage, infant death or stillbirth to area hospitals. The NICU nurses have a readily available supply of our items to pull from and use in the situations they need to use them.

  • In the packet for premature and sick babies is a crocheted or knitted cap, day gown, blanket, Lovie doll and a prayer for healing.
  • In the packet for families facing the loss of a baby is a bonnet, dress, blanket and prayer for healing of a broken heart.

What We Do

As Christians, we are all given a gift and are expected to develop and use it to collectively support and comfort one another. Through all circumstances, we serve God and He has been continually faithful, providing all the necessities of this ministry as it grows - chapter by chapter - to bring God’s love and comfort to others.

For premature or sick babies, Threads of Love Ministry provides: a packet containing a crocheted or knitted cap, a day gown, a blanket, a lovie doll, and a prayer for healing.

When a parent is faced with the death of an infant through miscarriage, infant death or stillbirth, we reach out to them with a packet showing God’s love through our sewing skills, silently saying, “You are loved.”

All items are made by volunteers. Materials and labor are donated by ladies who are part of the Threads of Love ministry, who show their love for the Lord by using their sewing talents in serving the Lord.

Threads of Love meets every Second Saturday in the middle school space to fellowship, sew and pack items for the next step of their journey. This is a time to get to know the other participants and gain encouragement as you work together on this great ministry.

Opportunities to Serve

  • Sign up for our 2nd Saturday meeting on Helper Helper 
  • Contact Gina Blankenship at with questions or to find out more ways to serve.

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