1/13/2023 - DNOW Session 1

1/14/2023 - DNOW Session 2

1/14/2023 - DNOW Session 3

11/6/2022 - Family Dedication

8/20/2022 - Back To School Bash
Sean Curren and Shane Pruitt lead our students in a great night of worship.

5/22/2022 - Graduation Sunday Service
A salute to FBCT's class of 2022

5/15/2022 - Matt Dickey Ordination Service 

1/14/2022 - DNOW Session 1

1/15/2022 - DNOW Session 2

1/15/2022 - DNOW Session 3 

12/5/2021 - Children's Choir Christmas Program
Our Preschool and Children's choirs present Behind The Manger Scenes.

9/26/21 - Farewell to Joe Estes
Joe leads us one last time and he encounters some surprises along the way!

9/15/21 - Out of the Shadow of 9/11
9/11 survivor Christina Ray Stanton tells her compelling story of escape and transformation by God following the attacks on the World Trade Center.

7/11/2021 - 200th Anniversary Service
A service in celebration of FBC Trussville’s 200th Anniversary as a church family! Pastor Buddy Champion is joined by special guests Mayor Buddy Choat, a video message from Governor Kay Ivey, Representative Danny Garrett, Senator Shay Shelnutt, Dr. Rick Lance, Dr. Gary Hollingsworth, and Elizabeth Godfrey Ford.

5/23/2021 - Graduation Sunday Service
A salute to FBCT’s class of 2021!

5/9/2021 - Family Dedication - 9:15am hour

5/9/2021 - Family Dedication - 10:45am hour

5/6/2021 - National Day of Prayer
We pause to pray for our families, churches, workplaces, schools, military, government, arts & entertainment, and our country as a whole.

1/31/2021 - Joe Estes 20th Anniversary Tribute
Joe Estes’ 20th Anniversary surprise!

6/16/2019 - Bobby Bowden Interview
Pastor Buddy interviews legendary football coach, Bobby Bowden