We would love for your children to join us on Sunday mornings during Children’s Worship (K – 3rd Grade). Children will learn modern worship music that will hide God’s truths in their hearts while gaining confidence in their participation in corporate worship.

Kids Can Learn to Worship!

Anything we want our kids to do in adulthood we start teaching them when they are young. If we want to see a new generation of authentic worshippers and leaders, we need to start teaching children to worship.

Kids Learn About Their Faith!

Songs help us learn things quickly and retain them for a long time. Songs of faith are no different - they contain some of the most important truths in life.

Kids Are the Future!

Kids at FBCT will grow in their faith as they learn God’s truths through music. It is the mission of the Children’s Choir Ministry to raise up the next generation of worshippers and worship leaders!