Children's Sundays

We feel it is important for kids to have an understanding of the Bible and know how to use it in their lives. We want scripture to come alive through interactive classes, and have placed key stories throughout our halls.

Come be part of the fun on Sunday mornings at FBCT!

(Updated 8/14/22)

All classes meet at 9:15am on the 2nd floor and 4th floor of Building C.

1st grade A - 208 - Amy Bryant and Laura Brunson

1st grade B - 207 - Meredith McDonald, Drew McDonald, Alecia Hornsby

2nd grade A - 206 - Misty Moore, Alicia Linley, and Kim White

2nd grade B - 205 - Claire Young, Emily Wolfe, Sarah Phillips, Lisa Hardy, Rachel Humphrey

3rd grade A - 203 - Loni Hodge, Bethany Burns, Kathryn Marcum, Ryan Biggs

3rd grade B - 201 - Julie Grogan, Kim Clark, Melissa Gordon, Amanda McLaughlin

4th grade Boys - 404 - Randy Flowers, Tim Hardy

4th grade Girls - 412 - Sue Hardy, Emily Merritt, Kaitlin Bowman

5th grade Boys - 407 - Jason O'Dell, Patrick Hobbs

5th grade Girls - 401 - Peggy Fogg, Jennifer Nelson, Jennifer Bethune

Upcoming Children's Ministry Events



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412 Weekend

412 Weekend

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