"Launch into the Word, Launch into the World"

The purpose of Launch Groups is to provide students with an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God through reading His Word.

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What is a Launch Group?

  • Launch groups are discipleship/Bible reading groups. The purpose is to help students read the Bible with accountability to keep them engaged in the Word. 
  • Launch groups will start four different times throughout the year for 10-12 weeks at a time(see below for the months that Launch Groups will start). Students will be challenged to read 2-4 chapters of the Bible each week and then meet with their groups to talk through what they have read using the HEAR method (H-highlight; E- explain; A- apply; R- respond). Each new start to a launch group means a new book(s) of the Bible that will be read.
    • Launch 1- August/September
    • Launch 2- January 
    • Launch 3- April
    • Launch 4- June

When/Where do Launch Groups meet?

  • Launch groups will meet on Wednesday nights in the MS and HS spaces. MS groups will meet at 5-5:30pm; HS groups will meet at 6:30-7pm.

Who leads a Launch Group?

  • Leaders for groups will include the student ministry team, adult leaders for older students, and 10-12th grade students for younger students(6th-9th). All 10th-12th grade students will be interviewed before stepping in as group leaders.

Why should I join a Launch Group?

  • If you are a student that has said something like “I just don’t feel close to God” or “I want to grow in my walk with God" then a Launch group is for you! The best way to learn more about God and grow in our relationship with Him is in spending time with Him by reading and studying His Word.

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