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July 2, 2015 chadsummers Blog

The latest FBC Trussville news you need to know!  (Updated 11/13/19)

JELLO (Jesus Especially Loves Little Ones)
Thursdays  •  9:00 & 10:30am  •  D203

A standing, weekly play date for moms and their preschool kids!

SAM Come and Go Game Day!
Thursday, November 14
10:30am-8:30pm •  CB-00

This will be a fun, “come and go” day of games in the middle school area for all seasoned adults! Come enjoy tailgate-style food and and board games with your First Family!

This Sunday @First Baptist
November 17, 2019
9:15 & 10:45am

This week we’ll conclude our Sunday morning message series examining our culture as it relates to God’s Word. What is accepted as “normal” today often contradicts what scripture outlines as acceptable in His sight, and we are looking at a few of these issues to see how our lives line up with Him.

This Sunday Pastor Buddy will address the pornography epidemic in the world today. Please be in prayer for Pastor Buddy as he shares from the Word this Sunday. After all, it’s important. It’s our lives. We should Handle With Care.

Can’t be with us? Join us through our livestream.

Also This Sunday (11/17)

S.A.L.T. Bible Study
5:00pm  |  D139
A ladies Bible study, studying Stronger by Angela Thomas-Pharr

Preschool/Children’s Choir
4:45pm – 1st-3rd: C307  |  4th-5th: C303
5:00pm – K3: A117  |  K4-K5: C311

Ministry of Praise Rehearsal
4:00pm – Orchestra (Music Suite)
4:00pm – Choir (Music Suite)

Midweek @First Baptist
November 20, 2019

Our Midweek schedule continues for the fall with our Fellowship Meal and Wednesday night Bible study, worship, and activities.

Fellowship Meal (11/20)
Traditional Thanksgiving Meal
Adults: $5  |  Family Max: $20
Sorry, salad bar, kids’ meal item, and take-outs not available for this meal.

 A time of devotion and communion will follow.

Coming Up

Community Thanksgiving Service
Sunday, November 24  |  6:30pm
Churches from our area will gather with us to give thanks together.

Who’s Your One?
Praying for people needing the Gospel

A few weeks ago Pastor Buddy challenged us to be praying for our “one,” a person in our sphere of influence in need of God’s hand in their life. Every day we come in contact with all sorts of people…people without hope, without the saving knowledge of Jesus, and without His presence in their lives. God’s decree to reach them is clear as we share His message of repentance and forgiveness with a lost world. 

In our Gathering Space, behind the Welcome Center you’ll see names of hundreds of people being prayed for. If you have a “one,” keep on praying. If you don’t yet, then please take time to consider who you know who doesn’t know Christ that you could and should be praying for on a daily basis.  “Who’s Your One?”

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This Sunday,
November 10

Small Groups
8:00, 9:15 & 10:45am

9:15 (blended)
10:45am (contemporary)

S.A.L.T Bible Study
5:00pm  •  D204

Children’s Choir - 4:45pm
1st-3rd: C307
4th-5th: C303

Preschool Choir - 5:00pm
K3: A117  |  K4-K5: C311

Ministry of Praise Rehearsal
4:00pm – Orchestra (Music Suite)

5:00pm – Choir (Music Suite)

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4:30pm • Gym

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PrimeTime Fitness - ages 55+
9:05am • Gym

Just Barre
4:45pm  •  Gym

Step Plus - weights & abs
8:05am • Gym

Just Barre
8:05am  • Gym

PrimeTime Fitness - ages 55+
9:05am • Gym

Strength & Flow
4:45pm  •  Gym

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