Trecho - a greek word found in scripture that means "moving forward with a purpose"

Our first meeting is on February 24 2024 at 8am, and will continue to meet each Saturday unless something changes (our hope is to add one or two meetings during the week at a later time).

This ministry is intended to build community for all paces, all faces, and all races. We want anyone and everyone; moms with strollers, seasoned adults, children, college students, or those needing to get active for some other goal or purpose to come and walk, jog, or run one of our 5 routes that range from 1-5 miles. There is zero pressure to go fast, this is intended to be a comfortable conversational paced group, that enables participants to progress as they are able.

The cost is free!

Trecho Routes

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Other Opportunities

If you are a runner, there are many groups around Birmingham that offer opportunities to get together and get those miles in! Click Here for a list of other groups in the area.