What is Trecho?

Trecho - a greek word found in scripture that means "moving forward with a purpose".

This ministry is intended to build community for all paces, all faces, and all races. We want anyone and everyone; moms with strollers, seasoned adults, children, college students, or those needing to get active for some other goal or purpose to come and walk, jog, or run together. There is zero pressure to go a certain speed, the goal is a comfortable conversational pace. You pick your route and follow that, rather than picking a pace group. We all start together once the devotion is over, and it doesn't matter when you get done.

The cost is free!

Connect with the Trecho Ministry

Upcoming Dates and Events

We will meet every Tuesday @ FBC Trussville at 6pm.

New Saturday meeting Location, Maple Ave Coffee - Maple Ave Coffee House at 7:30am (no longer meeting at FBC Trussville on Saturday mornings)

We will be walking, jogging, running through these neighborhoods at 8am on...

7/27 - We will meet at Longmeadow.

8/31 - We will meet at Stockton

9/28 - We will meet at Magnolia Elementary

Free breakfast will be provided starting at 8:30!

FBCT Routes

Maple Ave Routes

Other Opportunities

If you are a runner, there are many groups around Birmingham that offer opportunities to get together and get those miles in! Click Here for a list of other groups in the area.