Registering for classes or lessons with the Conservatory at FBCT is a semester commitment. Once a student begins lessons, he/she is committed (along with the teacher) to finish those lessons through the end of the semester. If any issue arises, please contact the Director. We desire for each student to have a valuable experience but If a student cancels lessons or classes, they will still be responsible for the entire semester tuition amount. If a student needs to cancel due to a prolonged illness/injury or moving out of the area, they may receive a reimbursement for the lessons not taken. We do not carry tuition over to a future semester.

Students who are running late should text their instructor to let him/her know they are coming. NOTE: A lesson started late will still end on time, as to not infringe on the teacher’s time or the next student scheduled. If a student knows in advance that they will miss a lesson, he/she should contact their instructor with at least 12 hr notice, prior to the lesson. If a student misses a lesson and gives no prior notice, the instructor is not obligated to make this up.

If a teacher misses a lesson for any reason, the lesson will be made up. Conservatory policy allows for one makeup lesson for an excused absence during the semester. Only an excused absence due to illness or death in the family or other emergency will be made up. Absences due to other extra curricular activities (i.e. school programs, field trips, sports, band practice, pageants, drama, church activities, and vacations) or no-shows, are unexcused and can only be made up at the instructor’s discretion. Make up lessons can be done during the two different makeup weeks on the Conservatory Calendar or another agreed upon time between the instructor and student.

Lessons will be rescheduled if the church closes due to inclement weather, power failures, etc. Parents will be notified by email or text.

Students are responsible for the purchasing of books and materials for lessons, when needed. Each teacher will let students know their policy for acquiring books. Cost will vary, but usually $20-$30.

Fine Arts Camp

Fine Arts Camp

This year's theme is "How Sweet It Is" and will focus on the sweetness of knowing Jesus! He is better than candy, His love and forgiveness...
Princess Dance Camp - Week 1

Princess Dance Camp - Week 1

Princess Dance Camp is taught by our Conservatory Instructor, Tessa Brown. Beyond Voice and Piano, she has a long background in dance and...
Kids Art Camp - Week 1

Kids Art Camp - Week 1

This is a brand new camp just for Art lovers! Taught by local TCS art teacher Angela Santiago. Come discover God's beautiful world and the...
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