Register on our registration site, ACTIVE. As you register, you will also be creating an account so that you can manage your payments, check your balance and register more quickly for future semesters.

Slots are reserved with an instructor by choosing your day and time on ACTIVE and paying your non-refundable $25 registration fee, per student. Tuition is paid in full or set up for four monthly installments through ACTIVE prior to the semester beginning. Most slots on ACTIVE are pre-set at 30 minutes. If you are interested in longer lessons (intermediate and advanced) please email the Director to set that up.

Pricing is based on a semester of 16 weeks. There is a $25 registration fee, per student, per semester. NOTE: After the semester has begun, tuition is proportional to the number of weeks left in the semester. Please email for correct pricing. $480 for 30 minute private lessons or $120/month for 4 months $720 for 45 minute private lessons or $180/month for 4 months $960 for 60 minute private lessons or $240/month for 4 months


Art Classes
$480 for 90 minute group classes or $120/month for 4 months. $25 art materials fee.

Lil' Piano Pals & Voice Group (limit of 4 students per class)
$320 for 30 minute group classes or $80/month for 4 months.

Students are responsible for the purchasing of books and materials for lessons, when needed. Each teacher will let students know their policy for acquiring books. Cost will vary, but usually $20-$30.

Families can choose to pay in full or set up the monthly plan. If a family is on the four monthly payment plan, their debit or credit card used in ACTIVE is debited on the 15th of each month: August - November or January - April. If the payment does not go through, you will be notified by ACTIVE. The Conservatory Director will also contact you regarding payment. If a student’s account balance is delinquent, the Conservatory may, at its discretion, suspend further participation in Conservatory lessons, classes and events until the account is current.

Registering for classes or lessons with the Conservatory at FBCT is a semester commitment. Once a student begins lessons, he/she is committed (along with the teacher) to finish those lessons through the end of the semester. If a student cancels lessons or classes, they will still be responsible for the entire semester tuition amount. If a student needs to cancel due to a prolonged illness/injury or moving out of the area, they may receive a reimbursement for the lessons not taken. We do not carry tuition over to a future semester.

Please read the Student handbook prior to registration. It is also found on the ACTIVE website when you register.

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