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Each month we feature a healthy recipe furnished by Jennifer Cole Conn.

May 2022


May is “National Salad Month”!  While I like for folks to eat salads every day of every month, I think it’s fun that they have a whole month dedicated to eating salads and it can be fun for you & your family as well.  “FARM Table” Principle #5 is to eat a salad every day through the month of May (it takes about 28 days to make a habit and May has 31 days, so you get an added 3 day bonus to ensure this habit sticks).  It’s easy!  Just get out a cookbook or google “salads” and find something that looks delicious and easy to prepare and make it happen.  Salads can be for breakfast as well (Yes, I said breakfast salads).  3 reasons I love salads…1. Simply, they are good for you and they pack a huge nutritionally dense punch in that bowl of greens & things.  2.  They are easy to pack & take—think, “Salad in a Jar” (see idea below).  3. They are the best way to incorporate the previous “FARM Table” Principles (listed below).

Principle 4: 
“Make Fat Your Friend”—
eat quality fats at every meal and especially with fruits!

Principle 3:
Plate 75 & Thrive—
make 75% of your plate (by volume) non-starchy plants—every meal is made more nutritious by adding more vegetables!

Principle 2: 
Make the “Rainbowl Connection”—Eat a Rainbow at Every Meal 

Principle 1:
Make your Table a FARM Table—Food As Real Medicine

This Month

Any salad can be made into a “Salad in a Jar!”You just need to follow the guideline listed below to ensure crunchy salads every time.  Plus, if you are making one salad you might as well make one for every day of the week!

Layer 1: The salad dressing.

Layer 2: Hardy veggies or fruit with high moisture content, ascending in order of moisture and density (the wettest and heaviest on the bottom).

Layer 3: Softer veggies or fruit, ascending in order of moisture and density.

Layer 4: Protein (if using) or grains.

Layer 5: Cheese, seeds, nuts. Ideally this layer is a “dry” layer between the salad ingredients and the lettuce. It is best to not have anything wet touching the lettuce as that will cause it to wilt.

Layer 6: Greens / lettuce.


Jennifer Cole Conn, NFC, CMINHP, CFMC, CCNE & QUALITARIAN Food Integrated Training, Inc. 

February 2021 - "Kale Yeah!" Salmon
March 2021 - Orange Cucumber Infused Water
April 2021 - Spring Strawberry Salad
May 2021 -Balsamic Peach Chicken With Proscuitto
June 2021 - Honey Glazed Veggie Sandwich
July 2021 - Summer's Bounty Ratatouille
August 2021 - Sheen Pan Fajitas
October 2021 - Trussville Caviar and Buffalo Cauliflower Wings
December 2021 - Hearty Sweet Potato, Arugula & Wild Rice Salad with Ginger Dressing
January 2022 - Sweet Potato Curry with Lentils & Coconut Stew
February 2022 - Seared Salmon & Kale Salad
March 2022 - Plate 75 & Thrive
April 2022 - Strawberry Avocado Salad

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